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Klaus Hesse

Visible Terror – Instances of Public Violence Against German Jews 1933-1936 in Photographis Sources

The contribution is based on material of a project of the foundation Topographie des Terrors in Berlin, 1998-2001, which was mainly about researching photographic evidence of Nazi terror on the local level. From nearly 1500 municipal archives, museums, private collections and State archives, 238 had concurred by making accessible about 1360 photos representing mainly the terror far away from the big cities as it raged in small and middle sized towns, in the »provinces«. Eight pictures of the project’s holdings are commented and interpreted in order to discuss the variants of visible and phographically-documented anti-Jewish violence committed in the public of the early Nazi regime. In this context, basic problems of using photography as historical sources are thrown up and discussed with regard to concrete examples.

Kurz-Bio: Klaus Hesse

Politikwissenschaftler, seit 1987 wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter der Stiftung Topographie des Terrors, Berlin (fotografische Sammlung und Recherche)

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