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Jörg Meier

Changes in Communication. Letter-E-Mail-SMS

People don’t write anymore. That is the impression if we look at the correspondence via letter today. But that is not right, states communication scientist Jörg Meier in his article. Only the form/modus has changed a lot wihtin the 20. Century, Meier states in his cultural historical article. He describes the historical changement in our western behaviour in communication from the letter in early years up to the daily correspondence via E-Mail and short message service (SMS) today. As such, written communication in the NEW MEDIA has got become an important and essential base for todays work and social interaction but also let to an emotional bound to handwritten letters and post-carts.

Kurz-Bio: Jörg Meier

Seit 2011 Universitätsprofessor für Germanistische Linguistik/Sprachwissenschaft an der Universität Klagenfurt. Seine Arbeitsschwerpunkte sind u. a. Soziolinguistik und Varietätenlinguistik sowie Historische Linguistik, Sprachgeschichte und Sprachwandel.


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